Capoliveri lies on a hill and the ancient village of miners has become a very popular tourist destination.

Sitting on a small hill, Capoliveri lies in a strategic position with, on one side the Porto Azzurro Gulf and on the other side the Stella Gulf with an enchanting view over the Monte Capanne.

It is the youngest municipality of the island: it was born in 1906 when it detached itself from Porto Longone, today Porto Azzurro. Its name has roman origins. It probably comes from Caput Liberum (Capo Libero=free head) referring to the presence of the outcasts that could move freely inside of the city walls. The city was born as an etruscan fortress, but it probably has even older origins, as Greek and Fenician navigators visited the island already much earlier because of its rich iron mines.

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The oldest shape of the city was a regular geometric form typical of the latin constructions. As during the medieval period the fortified city groups around the central market place and the actual Via Roma, from where, like in a fish bone, depart all the small roads, alleys and stairs.

The S.Michele church dates of the middle ages, but the few reminders can easily be recognised as a rare example of pisan architecture. The story tells that Pope Gregorio XI, transferring the Holy Siege from Avignon to Rom, celebrated a holy mess in this church after having climbed up to the church having been surprised by a strong tempest.
On the southern hill side of Capoliveri lies the Grazie Sanctuary.

The most important traditional celebration is the one of the 'Innamorata', celebrated on 14th. of July.

Market day: Thursday.